Our company

The most beautiful packaging you can imagine, before you’ve even imagined it.

At Artigrafiche Reggiane & Lai we have been converting cartonboard and packaging solutions for over 60 years, and we’re the best!  We are among the leading packaging companies within Europe, recognised and appreciated everywhere for our high level of quality with 100% Italian-made products, which is just one of the reasons why our company is exceptional within our sector.

Strengthened by our wealth of experience, we know the essence and soul of our industry and can immediately understand each of our customer’s expectations.  With our continued support to each need and request throughout the packaging process, all customers receive our undivided attention and bespoke approach.

We not only execute assignments from beginning to end, but also consider ourselves consultants.  Our specialists have in-depth knowledge of this multidisciplinary sector and offer support from all angles – creative, technical and commercial. Right through from processing art-work to the creation of the printing systems and the development of the equipment, we perform all tasks in house and have control and responsibility of the entire process to the finished product.

Our mission

At Artigrafiche Reggiane & Lai we are committed to being the best and most reliable “Made in Italy” packaging producer.  By providing creativity, innovation and partnerships to our customers we are able to deliver an exceptional level of service with fairness and transparency.

Our philosophy

In a market which is becoming increasingly more global and competitive, we understand how important it is to stand out staying true to values in which we firmly believe and practice.
Our philosophy is also our distinction, which is to face every project and challenge with both enthusiasm and understanding.  We design and implement solutions which reflect our identity, but are always mindful to flexibility, growth and innovation for the customer.

What also makes us different are our intrinsic values ​​which represent us – reliability, transparency, flexibility and speed.
Our flexibility allows us to take care of every individual detail of a project.  We are able to create a product from scratch and deliver it efficiently, exceeding the customer’s needs and requirements. 

We believe efficiency is synonymous with competitiveness.  Our collaboration with top-level machine manufacturers allows us to be extremely fast and functional, resulting in a swift time to market and reduction in production costs.

However, the truly fundamental philosophy for our company is that which makes us really proud of the work we carry out every day – being able to offer products designed, developed and made entirely in Italy. By believing in our 100% ‘Made in Italy’ business ideal, research and development is combined with elegance and creativity resulting in this competitive edge of excellence.

Our history

With a history spanning more than 60 years, and following several corporate acquisitions, the group now consists of 4 companies headed by Artigrafiche Reggiane & Lai. Here’s a brief look at the growth of the group, and the specialist areas added to our impressive repertoire.

The value of sustainability

By using solutions and processes which are more efficient, ecological and innovative – therefore ‘sustainable’ – our company and customers are able to create value for the wider community.  By adopting more ethical behaviour the impact on the environment is reduced.  Our company is proud of its prolonged sustainability programme, keeping a close eye on the circular economy, which not only reduces waste and resources, but results in lower energy costs and greater safety at work.  Artigrafiche Reggiane & Lai recycle the raw materials whilst the production scraps are returned to the paper mill to be re-used.

Packaging developed with sympathy to the wider environment is now a key element to any product or brand and what they represent, as well as what is actually inside.  This means that by relying on sustainable packaging solutions, a company has the added benefit of enhancing the reputation of its brand.

The group

Artigrafiche Reggiane & Lai is the head of a group of four companies based in Italy and central Europe.  As a leading producer of paper and cartonboard packaging and displays, the group boasts an annual turnover in excess of 160 million euros.

Our portfolio includes folding cartons and laminated corrugated cartonboard products, POP / POS and permanent marketing displays together with advertising media at the point of sale.

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